4 Amazing Benefits of Keeping Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Is there anything better than a home filled with fresh, sweet-smelling flowers? (Well, yes, but fresh flowers definitely rank pretty high on the list.)

There’s a reason why we are drawn to bring fresh blooms into our homes. They’re not just beautiful–they come with some impressive wellness benefits. Here are 4 ways keeping fresh flowers in your home will improve your life (and you vibes)…

Boost happiness.

Studies have shown that people feel happier and more energetic after simply looking at fresh flowers in the morning. And why wouldn’t they? Flowers are pretty. And the good news is that, while flowers are often deemed more feminine in our society, anyone and everyone can reap their happiness boosting benefits. They’re an equal opportunity mood booster.

Senior woman in her kitchen smelling fragrance of pink rose

Reduce anxiety and depression.  

Just being around flowers (indoors or outdoors) can significantly reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. It’s well known that taking a long walk in nature is a powerful way to improve mental outlook (and support many other areas of health), but bringing small bits of nature inside the home confers many of those same benefits. Simply looking at nature, like fresh flowers or unfinished wood, can help ease our frenzied modern mental states and reduce stress on a primal level.

Improve memory.

Our sense of smell and memory are closely linked in the brain, which means that smelling fresh flowers can spark memories in a way that daily thinking cannot. In a study of 100 seniors, those who received fresh flowers performed better on memory tasks and experienced a surprising enrichment in personal memories than those without flowers. Apparently, sweet smelling blooms are an especially effective natural solution when it comes to managing the sometimes challenging process of aging and memory loss.

Promote creativity.

Wait, flowers smell good AND make you more creative?! That’s right! In one study, those working in an office filled with fresh flowers exhibited more innovative thinking, and generated not just more ideas, but more original ideas. Flowers also help people feel more comfortable in their workspaces (and they make the office look better, to boot). That’s some pretty powerful decor!

Make time to appreciate the little things in life by filling your home with fresh, welcoming flowers (locally harvested is most sustainable, if you can). Keep flowers at your workspace, sniff lavender at bedtime, or fill the most stressful room of your home with beautiful natural blooms. Once they are all vased up, all you have to do is sit back and reap the sweet floral rewards.

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