5 Plant-Powered Cleaning Products Worth Adding to Your Shopping Cart

Green cleaning products get a bad wrap for being weaker or less potent than their traditional counterparts, but these eco-friendly cleaners actually pack quite the punch. Not only are they free of toxic chemicals, these green cleaning products are just as powerful as everything already in your cleaning closet. Plus, they smell so much better! (Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be able to breathe after I clean the kitchen counter.)

Next time the last drop of your go-to disinfecting spray or glass cleaner is used up, consider adding one of these green alternatives to your shopping list. Replace them one by one and, before you know it, you’ll have an eco-friendly cleaning arsenal ready to go! I’m certain you’ll never go back.

If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, this is the way to do it! Made from plant-derived ingredients like sugar, chamomile flower and baking soda, this concentrate can replace just about every cleaning product in your home. Use it for everything from removing gunk from your stovetop to washing your dog!

Perfect for everyday use, this plant-based stain and odor remover effectively eliminates stains and freshens even the most persistent of odors. Who knew lemon peel oil was so effective! Use on upholstery, carpets and clothes – wherever those messes show up.

This toxin-free spray will have you singing in the shower. Just spray a fine mist on all wet surfaces and it will take care of the rest with its amazing plant power. And this spray isn’t just effective, it’s thoughtful too! Made by a certified B Corporation, this product is biodegradable, BPA free, compostable and made in the USA. Awesome, right?

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is a wonderful example of non-toxic cleaning power. Made from naturally soft abrasives like limestone and felspar, Bon Ami can be confidently used on most hard surfaces in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house. There’s a reason it’s been a household favorite since 1886.

It’s non-toxic. It’s 100% plant-derived. It’ll get the job done. Made from corn, coconut and palm kernel, this cruelty-free cleaner is full of just the good stuff. And it works fabulously – kicking fingerprints, greasy smudges, dirt and rain spots to the curb. And no streaks too!

When it comes to cleaning the house, chemicals aren’t the only way to get the job done. And with so many excellent plant-based cleaning products on the market, there’s no reason not to jump on this train. Give it a try!

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