Earth911 Podcast, Sept. 3, 2019: Lawn Alternatives & Summer Allergies

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The Earth911 team gathers round the microphone to talk about the terrible cost of those pretty green lawns and natural allergy treatment options. As Labor Day passes and our water bills continue to climb, it’s time to consider other ways to bring nature into your yard than the traditional grass lawn. A Victorian idea, the lawn may have been fit for a turn-of-the-20th century home in England or France, but it is out of place in the water-limited world. Join Evelyn Fielding-Lopez, Sarah Lozanova, and Mitch Ratcliffe as they talk about their lawn options and share ways to reduce and treat with natural alternatives all those child and adult summer allergies. We also explore how to recycle inhalers, one of the most widespread allergy treatments and a bane for recycling enthusiasts.

And, as always, we answer Earthling Questions from our audience. This week, where to recycle #5 plastic after Whole Foods discontinued its program, how business can select sustainable alternatives cups, coffee lids, and straws, as well as what to do with electroplated plastic utensils that pass for flatware and contain metal/plastic composites.

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