Infographic: Eco-Friendly Apps — Go Green & Save Money

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When people think of how to go green, they may think of things like commuting by bike, vetting produce to ensure it’s ethically sourced, and carefully sorting through trash to see what can be recycled and what cannot. While these actions are certainly great for the planet, they can be daunting if you’re taking your first eco-friendly steps.

But there’s good news. Many environmentally concerned companies have begun introducing eco-friendly apps to help users save the planet (and some money) at the touch of a finger. From tracking your main sources of waste to helping you find socially responsible businesses, these apps help you take small, easy steps to begin reducing your impact on the planet.

The following guide from Turbo Intuit offers 16 eco-friendly apps that help you go green while saving money. No matter which app you end up downloading, you’re sure to learn that saving the planet doesn’t have to be hard — it doesn’t even have to cost anything!

Eco-Friendly AppsInfographic credit: Turbo Intuit

Feature image by Noé Calderón from Pixabay 

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