Monsanto Faces a Harsh Reckoning with a Whopping $2 Billion Court Loss

Alva and Alberta Pilliod seem like most couples in their seventies, approaching 50 years of marriage. But, unlike most couples in their golden years, they are both facing terminal cancer. Alva suffers from a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that spread in his bones and spine, while Alberta has brain cancer linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. During what should be a worry-free time in their life, they are not only fighting for their lives, they’ve also been battling corporate chemical giant, Monsanto, now owned by Bayer AG.

After jury deliberations that lasted less than two days, the jury decided in favor of the Pilliods, by issuing a verdict that Monsanto/Bayer AG owes Alva and Alberta Pillion a whopping $2.055 Billion. That’s the highest amount awarded in the three cancer trials against the corporation in which plaintiffs asserted that their cancers were caused by the company’s glyphosate-based pesticide, RoundUp. To say that today’s verdict was a huge victory for cancer victims, environmentalists and anyone concerned about human rights and the potentially toxic effects of glyphosate, would be an understatement.

While Bayer AG has already seen massive drops in its stock prices, it will likely see further drops. Bayer’s stocks closed at over $30 in May 2018 and closed today at $15.909, almost half of its value a year ago. Today’s closing price does not yet reflect the $2 Billion verdict against Bayer AG and Monsanto. Considering that the company faces over 11,000 additional lawsuits, it is possible that this new much higher payout precedent may cause irreparable damage to the corporation. Additionally, there are now three legal verdicts linking RoundUp as a cause of cancer, contrary to what the company and the government continue to tell people

Even during the Pilliod’s trial, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a news release claiming there are no health risks linked to RoundUp—a claim that is neither backed by the three verdicts in cancer-related lawsuits or by the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Health Organization (WHO) declared glyphosate a probable carcinogen back in 2015—after its expansive review of approximately 1000 scientific studies.

According to US Right to Know, significant revelations about Monsanto and RoundUp came to light during the latest court case, including:

  • “Monsanto spent millions of dollars on covert public relations campaigns to finance ghostwritten studies and articles aimed at discrediting independent scientists whose work found dangers with Monsanto’s herbicides.
  • When the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry sought to evaluate glyphosate toxicity in 2015, Monsanto engaged the assistance of EPA officials to delay that review.
  • Monsanto enjoyed a close relationship with certain officials within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who have repeatedly backed Monsanto’s assertions about the safety of its glyphosate products.
  • The company internally had worker safety recommendations that called for wearing a full range of protective gear when applying glyphosate herbicides, but did not warn the public to do the same.”

Monsanto seems to be facing a reckoning as the courts reveal shocking news about the company’s behavior and the EPA’s potential corruption in backing the chemical giant over consumer safety. Check out my blog, “Shocking Monsanto Records Reveal White House May Have Betrayed Cancer Victims.”

To me, Alva and Alberta Pilliod, along with their predecessors Edwin Hardeman and Dewayne Lee Johnson, who also battled Monsanto and won, are heroes who have taken their final months or years of their lives to battle the corporate giant. While it’s unlikely that they’ll see the money as Bayer AG will undoubtedly appeal all the verdicts, and have already done so in the Dewayne Lee Johnson court case, their decision to stand tall against the chemical giant has raised awareness of the potential health threats of glyphosate use. In each case, these individuals trusted that RoundUp was/is safe and that the company behind the product was/is being honest in its assertions of product safety. I can’t help but wonder what they think now.

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