Parmalat: Top 10: Eco Technology (05.06.2012)

10. Hybrid Cars: At number ten we have hybrid vehicles. The term “hybrid” is given to a vehicle that uses 2 or more power sources to power it. Common examples are the Toyoto Prius – a much loved favourite of Eco-Friendly celebs – and the Ford Fusion Hybrid 9. At number 9 we have Wave Power. Yes, waves are good for more than just propelling dolphins and surfers through the water! Wave Power Stations like The Agu├žadoura Wave Farm off the coast of Portugal are designed to use wave energy converters to convert the motion of the ocean surface waves into electricity. 8. At number 8 — how about harnessing the power of the wind to produce energy with a “Wind Farm”. Essentially a wind farm is a group of wind turbines used to produce electricity. Due to their low environmental impact they are a growing source of energy in China and the USA, where dozens or even hundreds or wind turbines are used at either onshore or offshore windy locations. 7. At number 7 — we have a new design on traditional solar power — it’s called a “Solar Island”. This Swiss design uses floating platforms in the middle of the ocean that are fitted with thermo-solar panels that not only capture solar energy, but the entire “island” actually moves to follow the sun, too! 6. Water Desalination. Water, water everywhere and no a drop to drink! Imagine if we could remove the salt content from the oceans and use all that water to drink! Well a scientific process called “Reverse Osmosis” aims to do just that. A

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