We Earthlings: The CO2 Impact of Soda Pop Consumption

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What connects us all? Nature and our shared relationships through nature. Share the carbon dioxide impact of soda pop consumption. One 20-ounce bottle contributes 3.3 ounces of CO2 and all Americans’ soda drinking contributes 19.5 billion pounds of CO2 a year. Know your foodprint.

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a 20-ounce soda pop releases 3.3 ounces of C02

How did we arrive at this number? According to Sciencing, a 500-milliliter plastic bottle of soda produces 3 ounces of CO2. We adjusted that number to account for a 20-ounce bottle, which produces a per-bottle output of 3.3 ounces of CO2. Multiply that by the 45 gallons of pop consumed per American, and we get the 19.5 billion pounds of CO2 produced annually by pop drinkers in the United States.

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